1. Nosferatu
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Released 02/15/2020

Cannoli Black (All Rights Reserved)


I'm coming at these niggas necks, Nosferatu
I don't really wanna but they pushed me so I got to
Niggas talking shit, I'm bout to show them what the wop do
And if you really want it, come and it. Bro, I got you
I'm really rare
Niggas sleeping on me, I don't really care
I'm a king and my green loud like Billie's hair
You should see me in crown, I'm a different heir
Your girl took one look at it and said it wouldn't fit in there
Sit and stare is all your crew can do when I come through
I got the juice and I produce and spit the illest shit; I got the flu
And I can move these words like Dr Seuss
But that don't stop a dude from poppin off if you ever cross like hypotenuse
They tryna say I ain't the greatest, that's impossible
I get more bitches to kick it than the Olympic soccer coach
And I put more hitters on ice than a hockey coach
If Gretzky couldn't check me, what makes you think you could stop me bro?

And now I'm coming back for sloppy seconds
You'll have to forgive me if I get to acting reckless
I'm just tryna cross out every section on my checklist
And I'ma get the ring, man I put that on my necklace
I'm so focused
Plus the lotus I been smoking got a nigga floatin
And I'm feeling smoother than baby lotion on Billy Ocean
I stay in the kitchen mixin like witches with potions
Showing no signs of slowing til something blows like explosives
I'm the highest dose of ibuprofen; I go straight to your dome in hopes that you clap back so I snap and go straight for your throat
And grab the chrome and leave a brand new hole and a stain on your coat
My tone will knock your brain out your skull when I go
I'm Wiping up the floor with these niggas, I call em Mop & Glo
Hit em with intention to kill em, no need for hospital
Line em up like obstacles and slap em all down like dominos
Told you I got that Shotta flow. Word to NLE Chopper though
now vamanos